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You're using it wrong.

Over in bad_service, x_dingbat_x makes a post about a rude sales clerk at Dollar Tree. Apparently, she wanted to buy a magic towel with her foodstamp card, and the sales girl kept cancelling the transaction and telling her it wouldn't go through.

Most people are telling her she should have gotten a manager because of the sales girl's attitude. I agree. What I don't agree with is people who use their foodstamp/public assistance money on shit like magic towels.

yeah it's totally unorganized but...

we walked over the dollar tree. we walked around and looked at the toys and we were about to leave and i saw that they had magic towels. i have never used one before so i wanted to be dumb and buy one. i go to the register where the girl is talking on her cell phone. she gives me a dirty look and tells the person to hold on and puts her phone down. even though i had a little bit of cash on me i wanted to use my welfare card (yeah i know it's totally not something to use on this item but it was only a dollar...) so i can get some cash back. so she gives me my total and i go to swipe it. first she says they don't even take the cards, then she says only food stamps. i tell her i've used it before in here and she says oh well then you can try. then everytime i try to put my pin in i see her out of the corner of my eye hitting cancel or whatever it is on her keyboard. i tell her please to stop hitting whatever she's hitting and let's see if it works. she says whatever... i put my pin in it and it asks me for how much cash back, i put in $20, and then it says processing then she hits it again! and says that she told me they don't take them... wtf? if they didn't take them then why would the swiper thing even know that it was an ebt card in the first place?? stupid lazy.... i just went into another line and it went through... hmm

For the record, I have no problems with people who rely on public assistance to get by. The fail here is the fact that the OP is using it to buy something at the fucking dollar store so she can get cash back. That irritates me to no end. Foodstamps are for food, not toys.


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Dec. 29th, 2009 09:06 am (UTC)
You actually can't use foodstamps for toys or anything, such as medicine, that isn't food. It's law. It can't be done. The machines won't accept it.
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