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HMS Fail

All aboard the Failboat!

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Epic Fail
Hello, and welcome to HMS Fail.

Yes, this is another LiveJournal mocking community, in case you had not noticed. Unlike another community which shall not be named (*cough* MTS *cough*), membership and posting are unmoderated. Do not abuse this.

Be prepared to be disagreed with. You may think something is funny enough to post, but everyone else may not. Do not whinge if you are buried under macros. Any over-the-top abuse, however, will be dealt with. Macros are fun, but do not make it personal.

What Can Be Posted:

Anything you deem to be Fail. It doesn't have to be on LJ, or even the Internet. Just be sure to read the rules before posting.

Major Rules:

Breaking any of the following rules will result in you being banned, no questions asked. This is the only warning that will be given.

1.) Do not delete your entry once it has been posted. You may edit, but edits must be marked as such- with the exception of fixing HTML, spelling, and/or grammar.

2.) Do not delete or freeze comments.

3.) Do not troll journals or forums that are featured here.

4.) All Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images and videos must be placed behind a cut and clearly labelled. If you do not know how to make an lj-cut, read the FAQ. Do not ask here.

5.) LiveJournal TOS must be followed in entries and in comments. Anyone abusing other members for the sake of it will be banned. Again, feel free to disagree, debate, fling LOLcats, whatever, but blatant abuse will be dealt with. I spend a lot of time online (I'm lame like that), so I will catch it rather quickly.

6.) No promotions, full stop.

Minor Rules:

Breaking any of the following rules may result in your post being deleted or FAIL!tagged.

1.) All videos and images larger than 300 x 300 must be placed behind a cut.

2.) Be considerate of other people’s f-lists and cut entries that are TL;DR. Use your judgement.

3.) Know your HTML.

4.) Avoid reposts.

5.) No self-mocking.

6.) Try to use correct spelling and grammar. It is not that difficult.

7.) Links must lead to publicly viewable content. Obviously, some things get locked down or deleted when the failure is exposed, but as long as it’s public at the time it’s posted here, that’s fine.

Questions? Complaints?

Your moderator is seethingheathen. She can be contacted here or on any entry in her journal. Do not bring wank to her personal journal or she will eat you for breakfast.