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Please read the rules before posting an entry.

Failure to do so may result in you being banned, and I don't want to be one of those kinds of mods.


Serial Adder, Nazi Wannabe.

I'm not actually sure if this qualifies as true fail, but it is a bit of a tangent off the last post about suspended user avengedresden.

There is a user, hitlers_angels who has decided to add slashers to her f-list in order to provoke us. Her journal is full of Hitler-loving rhetoric, but she has claimed it's all 'satire'. I'm torn between leaving her be and letting her enjoy the privileges of free speech, or reporting her arse.


Homophobe Troll

I know, posting this here draws attention to the idiot, but this one's full of fail.

Apparently, slash fans are going to get AIDS. Since this is a troll, it will probably be deleted soon, but the lulz are there. I don't even have it in me to be offended, since I know this chick's full of shit.

I'm bored, so I may play with this one for a bit, until the harrydraco mods go and delete it (as they should).

ETA: Rather than delete the post, the mods have filed an abuse report. That is a much better idea, and I had actually filed one myself before I learnt that they had.

Not that matters, because she can just create a new journal to troll with, but the sentiment is there.

ETA 2: avengedresden has been suspended. Yay!

Failing list

This is a fail from an email list I subscribe to.

If it were just that the person incorrectly posted a message to the list (rather than to the unsubscribe address) asking to be unsubscribed from it, I wouldn't bother posting about it - that happens on a sadly regular basis.

What was special about this one was that in his post he quoted from the list digest - and the quote included  the instructions on how he should have gone about unsubscribing and how to reach the list owner by email if that doesn't work.

The fail is compounded by the fact that on this list the default for replying is set to individual poster - a deliberate effort is needed to send a message to the whole list. Reading comprehension score - 0/10.

Mod Note.

Hello, hello.

I just wanted to announce a small update to the userinfo. Added to the list of acceptable fail: Miscellaneous.

Based on the shit that goes down in other mocking communities (people being flamed for posting what others don't consider funny enough, or that aren't directly on LJ), I think it's best to clarify that. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

So, pretty much anything goes, as long as it falls within the LJ TOS and nobody loses an eye.


Oh, and as another point of clarification: NSFW icons are okay. It's 100x100, so it isn't as though any images can be seen clearly from across a room. NSFW images must still be cut, though, out of respect for people's f-lists and personal moral standards. Not everyone wants to see a giant dick glaring at them first thing in the morning, y'know?

The fun part: Got a fail macro you're fond of? Share it here, in the comments of this entry.


I swear to [insert deity here], customers_suck is the best place for WTFery.

We have hyz, who is posting about a genuinely sucky customer. We have theentropist who is probably a sucky customer in his/her own right.

Highlights: hyz says 'excuse me?' to a customer who lies about her in front of her boss about accepting an expired coupon. theentropist says that hyz has no business working with the public since she is so rude. Bottom line: hyz is right, theentropist is wrong. And it all goes downhill from there.

The macros should start rolling in any moment, so hang in there, kids. This is still fresh. Hopefully, there will be no deletions.

It's like they aren't even trying anymore.

Ladies and gents, we have a troll on customers_suck. I know, I know- that never happens.

In case of deletion, the text of the entry is here.Collapse )

The comments aren't funny yet, but give it time. So far there are Fail Macros, Cat Macros, LOLPotters, and Super Trooper Macros.

ETA: And of course it was deleted. You'd think the mod would have a sense of humour, but apparently not.

Why do people do this shit?

Announcing to the community that you're going to post off topic because you've gotten away with it before is full of fail.

So, dumbshit, video clips from Finland's Big Brother do not belong on harrydraco despite the fact that one of the guys is blond and he is snuggling with another guy.

OT posting is one of my pet hates, petty as it is.

ETA: Bahleeted! That means I'm not the only person who said something to her. And yes, I am that bored.


Mail Fail.

Because I didn't check the post on Wednesday, I checked it yesterday. Yes, I know there is no post on Thanksgiving. For the record though, I'm not American. I'm in America on a working visa, even though I'm not actually working. Yet. I will someday. Maybe.

Me: Go eat your turkey and STFU.
UN: Neighbour who lives upstairs and on the other end of the building. Not the Loud Sex neighbour.

UN: There's no mail today.
Me: Yeah, I know-
UN: So, what are you looking for?
Me: I didn't check it yesterday, so-
UN: We don't get mail on Thanksgiving.
Me: I know. I didn't check it yesterday, so I'm checking it now.
UN: Well, there's no mail today. It's Thanksgiving.

So, I opened up my letterbox, and guess what I found? Yep. Wednesday's post.

UN: How did you get mail today? [opens her letterbox] I didn't.
Me: Seriously? Maybe you should phone the post office and see what happened.
UN: Yeah! But they're probably closed.
Me: Since there is no post on Thanksgiving?
UN: Right.

Yes, I was baiting her a bit. But she deserved it! My other neighbours have odd opinions of me as well. The lady upstairs and one door to the North thinks I'm a vampire and a 'black witch' since she only ever sees me at night. The lady next door thinks I'm weird because I talk to my cats. I think she's weird because she has really loud sex every afternoon.


First Post Evar! OMG!

I like the community, but the mod is full of fail.

Yes, I'm talking about cat_macros.

She follows her own rules at her own discretion. Yes, she is the mod, and I suppose she should be able to... but there is a limit. When she starts linking to people's personal journals to mock them in the community, I think she's crossed a line.

That, and she's wanky as hell for her e-begging.