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customers_suck is full of awesome.

This post on customers_suck amused the shit out of me.

what not to do if you are pickling up your suit from me
Recap: still working at teh place where the educated consumer is our best customer...

so tonight really kinda sucked for me....We do minor alterations on site, it usually takes a couple of days, but we do them..really realy cheap, and tax-free. When a person comes back to pick up there suit we ask them to first get there suit from the mens dept. and then come back up to the front for me to put a bag on it.

The suck happened when a gentalmen(I use that term lightly) decided to also purchase a dress shirt...so I ask him for the two copies from his suit, he literally throws it at me. Fine I think, he might be in a hurry, I quickly write what is needed on the slips, and go to bag them. I then type in his phone number into my POS (which we ask customers to provide) and he seems to get mad at that, and angerly gives it to me...While I am ringing up his shirt, he literally throws at me hard his credit card..it actually cut my arm(just removed a layer of skin) when he threw it at me, I stop what I am doing, and tell the gentalmen

"SIR, IF YOU EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN, PHYSICALLY ACCOUST ME, I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED IN OUR STORES AGAIN!." I thien proceed to walk away, I was going to go and call our security officer( a NYS state trooper, who is armed :)) to come up to escort the gentalmen and his son out of the building. he decided to ask me what I was doing, and I told him that i was getting security...he knows that we have armed gaurds in our store...so he suddenly apologizes repeately...I finish rining him out, and he leaves...

It takes a lot for me to threaten to throw someone out of the store, but I will not stand for being physically accousted

My favourite is when lovemadness makes the following comment.
The OP probably could have stood to use spell check before posting but I guess it would be too much to comment on the story the OP actually told instead of wasting time criticizing his spelling.

Apparently it's okay not to comment on the actual story if all you're doing is telling people they're wasting time by not commenting on the actual story.

I dunno, I think it's funny.


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Mar. 15th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
The post is also totally full of shit- I find it hard... no IMPOSSIBLE to believe that the man flung a credit card hard enough to cut the OP.
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